How to Treat The Root Cause of Embarrassing Mouth Odor Naturally Without Future Occurrence.

Your Mouth is Not The Cause of Your Odor, Decayed Undigested Food in Your Intestines Are..

Mouth odor; as embarrassing as it sounds, so much worse is its impact on its patient’s lives, it is one of the leading world most embarrassing disease, and it is one of the worst health condition anyone can encounter. As terrible as this condition is, if not well treated (treated from the root cause) it will definitely lead to;

  1. stigmatization,
  2. low self-esteem,
  3. embarrassments,
  4. ridicule
  5. fear of talking in public, just to mention a few.

Overtime, people have came up with different suggestions and speculations as a solution to this embarrassment, which I believe you must have tried one, if not all of them. but have you gotten the treatment you want? does your mouth smell nice now? by now you should know it goes beyond how you have been treating it, or you have been treating it wrongly.

In this article, you will learn and understand;

  1. What causes your embarrassing mouth odor,
  2. Why your mouth keep smelling regardless of what you use,
  3. How you have been treating it wrongly, 
  4. How to Treat it from the root source & end it forever.

But before that;


My name is Kwasi, a father, husband and a Survivor of Mouth Odor. Over the years, I have discovered people don’t like to talk about this embarrassing issues, because they are afraid the society will label them by their disease (which is true), can we blame them? no, we can’t. But thanks to the internet, it gives me unlimited access to people who need help fighting and ending this embarrassment and also keeping you anonymous while you get your problem solved.

Information they say is power, but much more powerful when utilized rightly

Without wasting your time, let’s get to How to treat this embarrassing mouth odor from the root cause.

You will agree with me that the best way to treat any health challenge is to treat it from the root cause. How do I mean? allow me explain better with this illustration. Assuming you got your leg broken, definitely you will feel some pains, to get rid of the pains, you took pain reliever, which helps reduce the pains but does that mean your leg is not broken? of course NO.  You have just succeeded in treating the symptom which is the pain, but the root cause which is the broken bone has not been treated (so either now or later, the pains will come again). This explains what your medications, mouthwashes, mouth sprays, mints and the rest has been doing to you, they have been treating the symptoms instead of the root cause, that is why you see the mouth odor coming back after treatment. 

Now, what causes mouth odor? 

Causes of Mouth Odor

3 things are responsible for this embarrassing condition,

  1. Unhygienic behavior – it is obvious that if you don’t brush your teeth regularly, your mouth will smell. “But I brush my teeth regularly, in fact, I brush 3 times daily but my mouth still smell” maybe you are saying this statement right now, then you would agree with me that this is beyond brushing of the teeth regularly. 
  2. Decayed teeth or gum injury – if any of your teeth is decayed or decaying, your mouth will definitely smell if you don’t find a lasting solution to it. “but you brush your teeth regularly and you don’t have any decayed teeth or gum injury, yet your mouth still smells”, what could be the cause? This brings us to the ultimate cause of this embarrassing disease. NOTE: if you don’t find a means to treat this particular cause, no amount of treatment will put an end to this embarrassment for you. 
  3. Decayed undigested food in your intestines it is important you know that not all the food we eat get digested and passed out of our system as faeces or excreta. some of them clogs around the walls of the intestines and gives room for odor breeding bacteria to feast on them, thereby causing odor to come directly from your inside to your mouth.

This is why you notice that after taking mints, mouthwashes and all sort of, within few minutes, the odor comes back with full force. 

I know you might be saying you have used expensive mouthwashes and all that, but do you think they would solve your mouth odor? okay let me put it this way, with the mouthwashes and frequent brushing you’ve been doing, do you have a fresh breath now? of course NO, because if you do, you won’t be here looking for solutions.  All these mouthwashes cannot work because they are meant to treat the mouth (which is the symptom) and not the root cause of the odor itself.  They are harmful to your system, that is why you are advised to spit it out after gargling it in your mouth. if you swallow them, they will cause more harm than the mouth odor itself has ever caused.  

How to Treat Embarrassing Mouth Odor Safely Without Harm or Future Occurrence

The only way to get rid of this embarrassment totally is by eliminating these decayed undigested food from your intestines completely so that there will be nothing for bacteria to feast on.  If this is done successfully by following what I am about to show you, then the root cause of this odor will be cleared, and your respiratory organs will be cleared of odor for life. 

The image below shows the decayed undigested foods in our intestines that are breeding this embarrassing foul odor. 

How do I get rid of this decayed undigested food causing this irritating smell?

This is where we are going to, at this point, if you are comfortable with your mouth odor and you don’t want a solution, there is no need to read any further. But if you are tired of the shame this embarrassing condition is giving you and you want a lasting solution, please read on.

A must read

Note: this is where the solution is… 

2003 to 2017, I suffered severe halitosis (mouth odor), I believe you can imagine how difficult it was to live with this terrible embarrassment for this number of years. Day in day out, I bought and used different brands of mouthwash, mints, and whatnot but my mouth was still not free from this embarrassing disease. for this period of years, I felt shame, embarrassments, ridicules, I became a compulsory introvert, my self esteem was stripped off, I went from being a bold person to a timid person. All these went on for 14 terrible years, I wasted time and money on series of mouthwashes thinking I would get over this embarrassment. at first the mouthwash will work, but later on the odor will come back in a terrible manner. I kept on repeating the process and jumping from one brand of mouthwash to another thinking it will solve my problem but little did I know these mouthwashes are just treating the symptoms and not the root cause. 

After several trials and errors, my younger sister (a practicing nurse) told me to clean my body system first which I agreed to, but the problem was where to find a detoxifier that is natural, genuine, that isn’t toxic and that doesn’t have side effects. I found several ones in stores and online, but when I read more about them, I discovered  from reviews from people that they don’t do what they promised, but I still bought them anyways because I was just looking for solutions. I bought different types of detoxifiers, from detoxifying teas to juice to gels and all sort of. aside them not working, I started feeling irritation in my stomach. 

Fast forward to the later part of 2016a friend from the USA came visiting, he brought some supplements (about 5 different type, from the same company) out of which was one called cleanse, I didn’t ask him about it at first, but I went to read more about it online and I discovered they are in the physicians desk reference (this is a website that has lists of supplements that are widely recommended by doctors all over the world, which means whatever product is listed on this reference website is tested and trusted without side effects). in addition to this, I found out that this company has been helping people solve different types of health challenges over the space of 8 years and it is cofounded by the owner of the world’s leading wellness and sport brand (Phil Knight) the founder of NIKE.

being a big fan of Nike wears, this gave me some level of trust, so I used some of my friend’s cleanse for 7 days, what came out of my system can’t be explained, they were what should not be in anybody’s system. within the space of 7 days, I started noticing changes, when I yawn and talk, I noticed my breath wasn’t smelling unpleasant anymore, so I requested 2 bottles of the detoxifier, he requested it for me from the United States and in a matter of 5 days, it got to Nigeria. Ever since I finished the 2 bottles of the cleanse, I haven’t had any occurrence of mouth odor whatsoever. 

After using this products and getting impressive result, I introduced it to several people, and to my amazement, some people already knew about it before I did, and they’ve been using it to solve this problem. 

As interesting as this sounds, I don’t want you to take my words for it, read what people are saying…

Below are testimonies from people that have used the products before I even learnt about it.

Below is one of the testimonies from people that I've recommended this cleansing for.

How is this different from what you have been using?

Unarguably, your mouthwashes has been doing great by keeping your free from odor, but the question is for how long? 2 hours? 3 hours? 4? 

Our products on the other hand ;

1. attends to the root cause and treats it from there, thereby making sure this embarrassing mouth odor doesn’t come up again.

2. eliminates the need for frequent use of mouthwash

3. saves you from money and time wastage on products that doesn’t work

4. restores your self esteem and confidence

5. makes sure you have and maintain fresh breath at all times of the day

What is this product and how can I get it?

Introducing cleanse.

Cleanse is widely used for its special detoxification capacity. it helps you get rid of toxins, free radicals and decayed undigested food from the intestine and the body system as a whole, and also rejuvenate your cells and immune system to fight against sickness, disease and foul odor breeding bacteria. This powerful toxin and bad breath eliminator activates your cells and encourages free flow of the undigested foods out of your system, so they don’t clog, stay and decay in your system, thereby eliminating the activity of odor breeding bacteria. 



How many of this products will I need? 

Ans: You will need 2 of this.

Can I buy 1?

Ans: no, the recommended bottle is 2.

Will I be free from this embarrassment when I am done with these bottles? 

Ans: Yes, you will

How can I get these products?

Ans: it can be delivered to your doorstep free of charge

How can I place an Order?

Ans: There is a form at the later end of this article, kindly fill in your details correctly and click on the “place order now button”

Another testimony

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